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Rising Fives

See for yourself what the school has to offer by attending our Rising Fives Days. These sessions allow you and your little one a chance to see what life is like at Kniveton.

During these sessions the children will be able to:

  • take part in craft activities
  • explore the outdoor learning environment
  • participate in gymnastics lessons
  • learn to play musical instruments
  • make friends with children across the school
  • have picnics on the village field
  • get to know our incredible teachers

We always like to make sure our visitors leave with a special gift to remind them of their time here.

Come on in!

We encourage families to attend as many of these sessions as you feel will help best prepare your child for this exciting new stage of their life. You can choose to leave your child with us or stay and enjoy the session with them!

For all children starting in September, we also have our ‘quiz the teacher’ evening where you will get to meet your child’s teacher and ask them questions about what to expect when they start their exciting new journey at Kniveton.

Upcoming Dates

If any of these dates aren’t suitable, then please contact the headteacher to make a separate appointment.

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Let us know if there is anything else that would be helpful for us to know or to clarify for you or your child before or during your Rising Fives visit.
Our values

Our values

Here’s what we believe in at Kniveton Primary School. It’s what makes us special.

Wraparound care

Wraparound care

Unparalleled support for working parents: 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday

Communication is key

Communication is key

Our app for parents and how we share with parents the exciting experiences at Kniveton Primary.