Roll Royce Design Challenge 2014

“On Saturday 7th June a team of budding young engineers from Kniveton CoE Primary School took part in the Rolls-Royce Derbyshire Primary Schools Design Challenge. The team had great fun designing and building a siege engine using wood and other materials, with advice from Rolls-Royce engineers. The Kniveton team came second in the Saturday competition, with a trebuchet that fired soft ‘cannon’ balls the furthest, and had the lowest cost. A team from another local school, Carsington and Hopton Primary, came first in the Sunday competition. Rolls-Royce engineers run the competition in their own time, with materials and prizes donated by Rolls-Royce and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The challenge aims to give children a taste of design and hands-on engineering, to encourage them to start to think about engineering as a potential career.”



Left to right in photo: Eloise Bright, Phillippa Gillis, Nicole Wibberley, George Martin, Ella Horwood, Gracie McHugh