PE & Sports Grant


At Kniveton Primary we have a culture of extremely high expectations for all our pupils and this is evident throughout the school. We acknowledge that P.E. and Sport has an important part to play in developing the whole child and contributing to our success. Through sport the important qualities of resilience, communication, teamwork and friendship are developed. These skills can then be transferred back into the classroom.

We nurture and encourage sport from our EYFS. Every child has a minimum of 2 hours of P.E. a week. We use a variety of outside coaches to give our children experiences they would not otherwise have, such as archery. We take our Key Stage 2 children swimming on a fortnightly basis. All our Year 6 attend an outdoor residential trip at Whitehall where such activities as orienteering, canoeing and rock climbing are experienced.



 PE FUNDING 2016/17

We review our provision of PE and school sport annually and devise a plan for the next academic year. PE, School sport and physical activity is reflected in our school development plan.

Swimming is a key life skill and through our swimming programme, 100 % of our Year 6 pupils can swim competently, with many showing excellent skills due to coaching from a local triathlon specialist.

Our key priorities for this academic year have been:

To increase the numbers of children being active, both during curriculum time, in lunchtimes and playtimes and before/after school. To do this in part by offering a range of free after school clubs.

  1. We ran a free running club for all ages on a Friday after school, run by Steve Greene (Triathlete champion). Cost £25 x39 weeks = £975. Average of 35 children attending.
  2. We provided lunchtime sports club 3 times a week for all ages. Cost £1800
  3. We offer an outdoor games club . Cost £25 x 24 = £600. Average of 25 children attending.
  4. Holiday sports clubs were offered over the Easter and May holidays.

To provide first class, high quality coaching/teaching of PE.

  1. Employ a sports specialist to work alongside staff and independently for clubs  to deliver high quality PE on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Cost £2000. Pupils enthusiasm for sport continues to grow.
  2. We have encouraged all pupils to be more active by introducing the daily mile and have monitored fitness through use of the bleep test. The children’s fitness has improved tremendously.
  3. Observations of lessons and higher rates of participation in competitions have shown the impact of the teaching/coaching.

The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.

  1. A display board titled “Kniveton in Action” shows children and staff participating in sport /activity out of school, and gives links to local clubs for the children and parents to pursue.
  2. A sports crew has been appointed to encourage activity amongst the younger children at lunchtimes and playtimes.
  3. The daily mile is an important part of the day.
  4. We organise sessions on healthy eating and lifestyles and offer daily milk for those who wish to buy it.
  5. Steve Greene who runs our running club and coaches at swimming, also spoke to Y5/6 about his triathlon career and demonstrated the mechanics of his bike in a science lesson.

 Increase the number of pupils taking part in cluster competitions.

  1. We buy into the QEGS PE package which gives us the opportunity to participate in festivals/tournaments for all ages. We also take part in the dance festival and receive dance coaching for Y5/6  and KS1 from Megan. Cost £2000
  2. We now frequently take the whole class to cluster events, entering 2 or 3 teams, in order to encourage more children to be active. So participation numbers have increased.
  3. In order to participate in these events we sometimes need transport. Cost £300
  4. We also buy into Anthony Gell provison at a cost of £350. This enables us to take part in open competitions in hockey and basketball and to receive bikeability training for our Y6.

 Provide the opportunity for KS 2 children to take part in outdoor adventurous activities in a residential setting, and for all children to take part in outdoor active learning days.

  1. All KS 2 children attended a residential at Edale where they experienced archery, den building, walking, climbing, circus skills, fencing, orienteering, pond dipping. All Y6 children attended a residential at Whitehall where they experienced stream scrambling, mountain biking, ropes courses and canoeing. Cost (for staff cover) £485
  2. All our children have an outdoor learning day , usually at Carsington involving walking, games, den building, treasure hunts or similar. Usually once a year all our KS2 children walk all the way round. (8 miles).

 Provide a broader experience of a range of sports and activities.

  1. We are striving to increase the number of specialists/ coaches in different sports and activities who will work alongside our staff. This will be an area for development next year if funding is increased.

Audit PE resources and update as necessary.

  1. An annual audit is completed in June and resources topped up usually using Sainsburys Active Kids scheme.

     Increase confidence, knowledge and skills amongst staff.

  1. Where funding allows, send staff on CPD to develop skills further . Again this will be an area for development next year.                                                                                AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT NEXT YEAR

We will arrange more free sports clubs for all children in self defence, rugby and golf.

We will increase the days offered for sports holiday clubs as these were very popular.

We will continue to increase the number of children attending local events and provide staff to cover and supervise plus transport.

We will arrange a timetable of high quality sports specialists to work with the children, alongside staff, in sports they have not experienced before as well as existing sports.

We will increase staff CPD in PE including training for KS1 staff in making the curriculum more active.

Written by Headteacher Mrs. L Board and PE Co-ordinator Mrs. N Slack. May 2017

For review on 5.9.17