Out of School Activites

basketball photo

Congratulations to our basketball team who came second in the tournament at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School on Tuesday 19th January.

Kieran Foster won a trophy for being the top shooter!


Whitehall is an amazing outdoor pursuit centre up in the Peak District near Buxton.

There are endless activities for example: canoeing, stream scrambling, night hikes ,and so much more. I had endless fun and I think everyone else did too.

But there was also bedroom tasks like tidying beds and there was room inspection which wasn’t so great!!!

But altogether I loved it…

By Eloise Bright Y6


Golf Champions of Derbyshire 2014 !  Congratulations to Tom, James, Morgan, Matthew,Charles, Gracie, Philippa, Jas, Alicia and Lucie.



Year 6 Bikeability training.



Years 3 & 4 recently took part in the Inter-school Football Tournament.

Well done to Sam, Joe, Dylan, Shannon, Kieran…..they came runners up !



Our Basketball Victory 2015

On Tuesday 3rd of February we departed, after a tiring day at school, and made our way towards QEGS sports hall, for that was where the QEGS Basketball Tournament was held. Full of anticipation and trepidation we ventured towards our first match.

Our first match, against Marston, we played extremely well – our playing was fair and we were very respectful to the other team; by the end it had reached a score of us with a score of 8 and them with 0.They were 8 minute games and you could take people off the pitch and put people on whilst playing.

Playing our next match our confidence had grown and we were well prepared for the tough match that lay ahead. Next we competed against Osmaston A, they played well but we defeated them with a score of 2-0. This amazing luck continued as we beat: Longford 8-4, BiggHarts 10-6 and Norbury 6-0. There was one final match, if we won this we would win the whole competition! Nerves kicked in, nothing that we couldn’t handle, mainly as we were too exhausted to show it.

The next match approached sooner than anticipated. We played excellently! Before we knew it we had done it, we had won the tournament with an amazing score of 14-2 against Osmaston B. Our photo was taken for the Ashbourne telegraph, a smile of glee spread widely across our faces as our finger tips brushed against the silver cup. We were triumphant and fair, all of us. The great basketball team were: Ethan, Matthew, Kieran, Lucie, Nicole, Sam and me.  We were taken by Mrs Gorman. Lets hope for the same victory in the other sports to come.

Written by Jasmine Heras (captain)


Since September, our Year 5/6 have taken part in tournaments in Football, Hockey and Tag Rugby, and this term will see them participating in Basketball, Football, Netball and Sportshall Athletics.

On Wednesday 13th January, Class 1 travelled to QEGS to take part in a gymnastics event where they had the opportunity to build a sequence of moves and perform it for the other participants.