Meet the Governors

The governing body comprises the Headteacher, 1 Staff Governor, 1 LEA Governor, 4 Parent Governors, 2 Co-opted Governors (now co-opted), 2 Foundation Governors and 1 Associate governor- 12 members in total.

Kniveton School Governing Body has a major role in the running of the school and its overall aim is to develop an environment in which all pupils can achieve. It sets aims and objectives (The School Development Plan), monitors the educational performance of the school, oversees budgets and expenditure, monitors and reviews policies, has responsibility for health and safety of staff and pupils and looks after the school buildings.

Cllr. Lewis Rose. 13.3.14- 12.3.18 Foundation Governor

Chair of Governors with responsibility for finance, personnel, performance management, child attendance.

Attended 3 out of 4 meetings.



Cllr. Doug McConnachie – LEA Governor  16.2.14 – 15.2.18

Vice Chair of governors with responsibility for; Health and Safety, Finance, Personnel, Performance Management, Training Link Governor, Children’s Attendance, Monitoring and Evaluation.  Doug is the Managing Director of a company that manufactures marine seismic survey equipment for the oil industry and also holds the position of Vice Chair of Kniveton Parish Council.

Attended 3 out of 4 meetings.

Mrs Anne-Marie Van Zeller –  Clerk to the Governors.

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Mrs Lynn Board.

Headmistress with responsibility for  Literacy, Special Needs, Child Protection, Safeguarding.

Attended 4 out of 4 meetings

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Mrs Gill Gorman- Staff Governor 21.9.13 – 20.9.17

Assistant teacher with responsibility for  Curriculum, Maths,  Safe Guarding, Literacy,ECO Schools, Child Protection.

Attended 4 out of 4 meetings.

Caroline Lindholm

Caroline Lindholm.  Parent governor 5.12.12 – 4.12.16

Responsibility for  Maths, Personnel, Monitoring and Evaluation.

 Caroline has served as Treasurer for Friends of Kniveton School for 3 years.  She runs her own consultancy firm and farms sheep.

Attended 2 out of 4 meetings


Mrs Angela Shipley 25.9.13 – 24.9.17 – Parent Governor Works for Derbyshire County Council as an Autism Outreach Teacher.  Angie is a parent Governor and has responsibility for  Curriculum, Special Needs, Literacy, EYFS and Safeguarding.

Attended 4 out of 4 meetings.

June Lomas – Foundation Governor – 21.10.13 – 20.10.17

Foundation Governor for Kniveton Church with responsibility for  Curriculum,  Personnel, Performance Management , Monitoring and Evaluation.

Attended 4 out of 4 meetings.

Jane Methuen – co-opted 10.2.15-9.2.19 – stepped down 28.9.15

Stuart Lomas – co-opted 10.2.15-9.2.19, stepped down  28.9.15

Savidge Rob2

Rob Savidge – Parent Governor – 08.12.15 – 08.12.19

Rob is Director of Engineering Systems at Roll Royce.  He is a parent governor with responsibility for Health and Safety, Buildings, Children’s attendance and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Attended 2 out of 4 meetings.

Mrs. Charlotte Marsh – Parent Governor 08.12.15- 08.12.19

Charlotte has responsibilty for Child Protection and EYFS.

Attended 3 out of 3 meetings.

Mr. Steve Greene – Co -opted Governor – 08.12.15 – 08.12.19

Attended 0 out of 3 meetings

Mr. Mike Burrows – Co-opted Governor 16.02.16 – 16.02.20

Attended 1 out of 1 meeting

Mrs. Mary Smail – Associate Governor – 1.12.12 – 30.11.16

It was agreed by the Governing Body that the Associate Governor has full voting rights. Responsibility for EYFS, Monitoring and Evaluation, ECO schools and Health and Safety . 

Attended 1 out of 4 meetings.

All governors have shared responsibility for Admissions and Anti-Bullying Campaign.

No Governor has declared any business or pecuniary interests or has any immediate family members that have any direct or indirect business interests as recorded in the Register of Business interests. (Updated in July 2015).



Kniveton School Governing Body Annual Statement

Since September 2015, there have been several changes to the Governing Body. The 2 Co-opted Governors (Mr S. Lomas and Ms J. Methuen) stood down and three Governors were elected, Mrs C. Marsh (Parent Governor), Mr S. Greene and Mr M. Burrows (Co-opted Governors).

A major focus for the Governing Body has been the Government’s plan to turn all schools into academies and then multi academy trusts. Fortunately, the Government has now abandoned this initiative.

Another focus has been trying to support the school increase the number of pupils. School would need around 64 children to be in a stable financial position. The Rising Fives Sessions, Open Mornings and other promotional ideas have had a positive impact on pupil numbers. This will remain a priority for the Governing Body.

The Governing Body has approved work to increase the height of the fence around Class 1, a computer-based target setting system, updating the Wireless Connection to improve reliability, and making milk available to children at lunchtimes.

Mrs A. Shipley provided staff training and Governors have attended courses, such as the Prevent (anti-radicalisation course), Bench Marking and new Governor Training